Key Features

Cloud Base

Remain up to date about our assignments on the go through intuitive Dash Board. The access of software anytime from any internet connected device computer or phone. It is independent of any operating system (e.g. Window, Mac, and Android etc) and compatible to any web browser

Data Security

The software system file and data stored in a Secured Server. The Server is fully equipped state of the art security with strict access control.

Work Flow Management

Work flow is predefined for each type of assignment and completely aligned with requirement under IBC, Regulations, Circular and Notifications issued. The integrated workflow are designed to eliminate duplicity for data entry

Data & Document Management

Fields in software designed in such a way that Statutory Documents ( Such as Form A, Form G) can be generated by click . Each workflow has provision to attached document ( pdf, word, excel) . It enable user to do systematic documentation for execution of the assignment

Time Line Tracking

Time Bound Insolvency Process is essence of IBC. The time lines for the work steps stipulated under IBC & Regulations are in built under the respective work step. It is automated based on the stipulated parameter. Monitoring of time line is automatically reflected in the Dash Board

E-Voting Feature

There is inbuilt provision of E-Voting to meet the requirement under IBC. The E-Voting feature is fully linked to eligible recorded Creditors Profile and there is no need to create any specific data entry or hiring any agency or facility.

Notification by SMS and/or E-mail Alert

There is inbuilt provision of notifications by SMS and/or email to creditors, resolution applicants and other stake holders.For example SMS and/or email will be sent by the software at the time when claims are recoded in the or email will be sent for the software at the time when claims approved/rejected by Insolvency Professional.

COC Meeting Management

Manage your COC meeting though COC Module. Schedule the Meeting , Create Agenda from Prepopulated Agenda List, Send Invition, Record Attendance and Voting , & Generate & Circulate Minutes of the Meeting


Generate Various Reports for an assignment such as Claim Report, Fixed Asset Report, Liquidation Value ,etc

Reporting Requirement under IPA/IBBI

Reports required by IPA/IBBI can be generated. This is generated out data created for various types of insolvency assignment.