Support Services


Support Services for “Insolvency Professional”

Our Support Services is for “Insolvency Professional” who has been appointed as Interim /Resolution Professional under IBC for CIRP, Liquidation Process and Voluntary Liquidation Voluntary Liquidation process.

Our Areas of services are:

Claim Management

  • To prepare and issue Public Notice inviting claims
  • To collate claims and verify claims. Assist IP for in admission/ rejections of claims
  • Verification of security interest of the Creditors
  • To prepare report/ list of creditors to be uploaded on CD/IBBI website etc
  • We assure physical and digital record keeping of claim documents to assure faster and correct retrieval through an “Insolvency Software”

Asset Management

  • Visit all or key locations of the businesses/ assets of the Corporate Debtor.
  • To make an inventory/ physical verification of the assets and make videos/take pictures assuring of existence of assets.
  • To send “Asset Data” to Registered Valuer in a manner required for valuation and get the Valuation Report from RV

COC Management

  • To constitute COC for CD with voting % of Financial Creditors
  • To prepare Agenda & Notices for COC Meeting and circulation thereof
  • To monitor “Voting Process“ and documentation of Voting Results
  • Preparing Minuets of the Meeting and circulation of minutes of the meeting

Resource Management

  • To communicate with COC members, Key Managerial Personnel, Statutory Authorities, employees of CD, for smooth conduct of CIRP process
  • To assist in appointment of Professionals and Experts for the process. For example, Registered Valuers, Forensic Auditor industry expert etc
  • To arrange temporary staff for running CIRP process
  • To interact and coordinate with appointed professionals/ experts for the process and to provide the requisite information to them for completion of the job

Resolution Management

  • To prepare and compile Information Memorandum. To keep it updated with adding all that information which is important for Resolution Applicant.
  • To run the entire process of an invitation of Resolution Plans such as the release of EOI, preparation of RFRP, bid evaluation matrix, eligibility criteria and other documents for receipt
  • Examination and presentation of Resolution Plans for the approval of Committee of Creditors

Compliances and Reporting

  • To draft documents required to be filed before NCLT.
  • To read through notices, applications, petitions, replies, rejoinders, etc. drafted by appointed lawyers and provide comments to assist IP
  • To comply with a Commercial Law requirement such as GST, Income Tax, MCA and filling their return
  • To compile the data required to be reported to IBBI